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Feeling stuck on a client project?

Feeling like you just don’t have time to be creative? Wonderer LLC workshops range from one hour quick hits on specific creativity skills to all-day interactive, immersive learning sessions.

Got a problem you need solved, stat?

Want to work more collaboratively with your clients? Wonderer LLC custom designs sessions for creative groups that lead to breakthrough thinking on specific challenges.


Interested in identifying and maximizing the impact of the creative-thinking process within your company?

Looking for a long-term program to ignite and foster the creative-thinking skills of your employees? Wonderer LLC can help you build on your company’s existing strengths to increase productivity and employee satisfaction.

Why choose Wonderer LLC for your creative-skills development needs?


Workshops and other experiences designed by Wonderer LLC are based on more than 60 years of research into what makes people creative


The content of workshops is curated to deliver on the unique and specific challenges faced within the agency environment


What’s learned is immediately applicable to client work — you’ll come out of the experience with a mindset and tools you can use the minute you get back to your desk


Jody Fisher
Chief Wonderer